Dapper three-year-old me.

My name is Brian Augustyn. I’ve been a writer for about 25 years, mostly comics, but I’ve dabbled in novels, short stories, children’s books, game scenarios, ad copy, and the occasional unsigned letter to the Times. I’m looking for The Confessions to be my outlet/workspace/writer’s sample kit–and a place to be accountable to a craft I want to take more seriously. Watch this space for the things I find to share; short, long, serialized, and many other surprises (mostly for me). Please be forgiving of the uninspired, but also please share if something moves you.

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  1. Let me start by saying that I loved “Out There” and I was really just looking for a place to say that. It was more than just the characters or the story-telling or the scenarios that I enjoyed; I loved what it was and what it represented among comics. It was a universe that wasn’t so abandoned by greater forces for good nor by its Creator. And that’s saying a lot. It seems that everywhere you look in comic science fiction, its the eldritch abominations that form the foundations of the universe and good feels like some cosmic afterthought to protect the unintentionally squishy. At best, you have an amoral figure of Balance or some such. Seeing a small nerd mouth off a cosmic despot like that was rather entertaining too. I was disappointed by how it was discontinued, of course. I would have wanted to know where you would have taken the story.

    I’m a comics writer too although the local industry where I’m at was broken when I got there. Advertising and art is what pays the bills although I’m never really very far away from a pending script or a comic in the discount bin that I really, really find interesting. In any case, if you ever pick up this blogging thing (I never really got any momentum on any of the ones I started so I know what you feel), you do have one person here to read it.

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