Reason enough…


No one will want to read it…

I’m tired and unfocused.

What if everyone hates it?

There’s something good on TV.

What if no one even reads it?

I’m probably not all that good…

I have to update my facebook.

I have an attention issue…

Writing is like giving birth, it’s hard!

Everyone will realize I’m a phony.

It’s too much of a risk.

I’m not getting paid for this.

I’m a lazy and talentless hack.

I really am tired, really.

I have nothing of any value to say.

There’s no one dying to read anything I write.

I’m no good and everyone will realize it.

People will laugh at me.

What if no one wants to read my stuff?

It’s safer to do nothing than be rejected.

I’m never going to finish it.

What if they hate me?


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1 Response to Reason enough…

  1. Gary John Reynolds says:

    This is a funny idea, Bri, things we tell ourselves to keep ourselves from creating.

    It’s especially effective when it appears following a post about Autumn in Phoenix.

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