Spring is here, spring is here…

Well, a preview of Spring is gracing us here in Southwestern Connecticut. We’ve just had four days of 55+ temps and sunshine. All of this barely a week after many inches of new snow were still being threatened. I’m optimistic for better things, but still watching the skies.

Spring is lots of things to lots of people. The returning of light after a cold and dismal winter; the rebirth of life and hope; the warming of earth and hearts… To me, spring means baseball.

And if you want to think about rekindling life and hope, if you need a warming, or light to chase the darkness…well, baseball is your one-stop universal metaphor. Baseball is the thawing of the heart. Baseball is rebirth. Every year, regardless of the season your team had previously, spring is the time to begin believing anew. “Maybe next year,” becomes, “this is the year!”

And it’s not just faith and hope, most teams have in fact evolved at least a bit thanks to winter trades, management reshuffling, lessons learned, recommittment, etc. Seeds of change planted last fall might well blossom into this year’s team of destiny.

Except in the case of the Cubs.

So, robins. bunnies, new flowers, they all point to spring, but for me, a white ball rolling across a lush green outfield somewhere in the universe is all the sign I need that spring is set to uncoil and change the world. Baseball and new life are just around the corner.

I can’t wait.

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2 Responses to Spring is here, spring is here…

  1. bluemoonpaul says:

    Same here. Well said.
    Hey, what was that you said about the Cubs–?!?
    = – P

  2. Cubs…did I say something about the Cubs…? Thanks Paul.

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