At the crossroads

When you come to the fork in the road, the old wheeze says, take it. But in life, alas, those crossroad moments are never as clearly delineated as we’d like. A sign post would be nice. Yellow traffic arrows on the road pointing us on the way, even better. Someone with a whistle and nimble gestures to guide us through it all, would be wonderful.

But life doesn’t come with roadmaps. It doesn’t come with obvious roads either. In fact, if life is a journey, as the cliché says, most of it will be off-road through very rough country. And the exits, and routes will not be marked.

Be literal for a moment. Imagine attempting to navigate an unfamiliar wood wearing a blindfold. Even wagging your hands out front defensively, you won’t make a lot of progress before running hard-smack into the bole of an uncooperative and unyielding tree. Or tripping over exposed roots…and slamming hard-smack into the bole of a tree.

As we make our way along the journey to wherever our lives lead, we’re not a whole lot more visually enabled. Through the unknown territory of most of our challenges, we are just as helpless, just as likely to cosh ourselves on some unyielding problem.

So, what recourse? I’d love to say I know, but I’m as blind as most and blinder still than others. Maybe we should seek to find a north star to steer by. A person, a belief, a dream; some personal true north to lead us straight on till morning, and to the completion of our travels through life. Otherwise, we careen crazily through it all like a pinball, miss all the good stuff, but find all the trees.

So, find your star, follow it home, get through with as few concussions as possible…

And, somehow, enjoy the trip.

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2 Responses to At the crossroads

  1. Kevin a/k/a Jimmy says:

    It would be quite handy to be able to recognize the crossroad before blithely proceeding down the path you are on or the one you think you should follow. It occurs to me that if we can slow ourselves down and actively look and listen for the signs, internal and external, that are sugegsting the way forward we can, if we are fortunate, make the decisions and take the actions / paths that will lead us to fulfillment and accomplish our purpose. A key to that ability is taking the time to make a proper assessment of who we are, what we believe in and what we want kind of lasting impact we wish to have on those around us and those we leave behind when we die. Our journeys are specific to ourselves but yet interconnected to each other. So when you divine that crossroad and you chose that path do so with the hope and confidence that you do so as part of the much larger and unknown reality that is our involvement on this spinning rock of mud, magma and cable TV. Good luck and good night.

    • I think you’re right, and it reminds me of traffic safety as were taught as 5 year-olds before crossing the street; stop, look, listen…to which we can add, discern. Thanks for joining the conversation, Kev.

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